Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's On My (Art) Desk

I sort of cleaned this week so I figured I'd share my current workspace and my favorite tools.  I linked up some of the items so you can see what they are exactly.

click map Water Mixable Oil Colors Watercolor Field Sketch Box Koi Water Brush Moonflower and Neroli Soy Candle Polytip Bristle Brushes

Most things I either got as gifts or purchased from Blick Art Stores (you know - the place that sends out 40% off coupons every couple of months).  Actually I found the desk on clearance at Blick too, I'm kinda shocked by the prices I see for it on the internet now.  Happily after more than a year of existing as a clutter collector its finally being used for its life's purpose, artwork.

1. Polytip Bristle Brushes are nice because I work with oil and water based paint, and I hate using animal hair.

2. Koi Water Brush is a perfect watercolor brush.  You put water in the handle of the brush and squeeze it out as you go, I am all about convenience.

3. Watercolor Field Sketch Box was actually a gift from Chrissy, and I gave my mom one for Xmas this year.  Like the water brush its convenient and good for travel or just moving from one side of the room to another without making a major production out of shifting all your supplies.

4. Water Mixable Oil Colors are one of my most triumphant discoveries in life.  Its oil paint, but you can use water with it instead of flax oil.  Painting in oils is such a hassle usually, and this cuts down somewhat on the toxic smell and the drying time.

5. Moonflower and Neroli Container Candle smells good and helps create a nice atmosphere that helps me concentrate.

Thank you to The Art of Doing Stuff for the amazing tutorial on how to make an image map using Mobilefish.

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