Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bad photos of art

If you've seen any post I've made you might have noticed how terrible my photos of my artwork are.  There's a reason for this: I take them with my phone in bad lighting.

Presenting my work in a professional looking way that shows it well seems insurmountable.  Obviously its not and I'm just being defeatist.  I have a scanner that is smaller than any paper I ever use and it creates shadows (and sometimes creases) in a painting if I try to do multiple scans and piece them together.  I was looking up larger scanners online but the prevailing advice seems to be to take good photos.

While its a relief that I don't need to buy an expensive scanner, its going to be quite a project to set up a space with perfect lighting.  Lucky for me I have a friend with a dslr camera that I'm sure I can borrow.

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