Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Search like I want to

I use Google to search.  I've tried other engines when it changes, but Google gets faster and better and I keep going back.  But I'm not happy.

The problem is I don't want a single search box.  That is not how I want to search.  Here is an example to illustrate.  (It is not the original reason, but hopefully will make the point without telling you what I'm up to.)  Let's say I'm going on a vacation to Boston and I want to look up:
  • weather for the week
  • museum of science, Harvard and MIT lectures calendar
  • art museum hours, current shows and locations
  • map
  • MBTA price
I want to type that all in at once, press search and go make some tea.  Then when I come back, look at these answers and be done.  If I have to search in series I'll get distracted, it'll take longer and I'll feel like I've wasted a lot of time researching.  A lot of time wasted waiting to get started on the next search.

Maybe this exists already. I need to investigate. 

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