Sunday, January 26, 2014

An 8 Hour Project Day

I was looking through Lifehacker the other day starting with a post on how to deal with idea overflow since that is one of my main issues in life. Through that I found an article on idea rot, where a certain idea stuck with me.  The writer Steve Corona says that no one sees him on Sundays because he spends 12 hours "creating."  The thought of disappearing into a world of creating for an entire 12 hours appeals to me so much.  It'd be like being in another dimension, a nice dark cozy one.

I decided to set aside tomorrow since I have the day off.  I may never again be able to do this, but since the store is under construction right now, this is my chance.  Rather than 12 hours I'm going to try 8!  Meaning four and four with a lunch break in the middle, when I can walk the dog as well.
Its an experiment to see what I can do if I give myself the time.  And if it works out maybe I can do this every two weeks or something.  I know at least it will relieve the low-level guilt of not ever working on the projects on my list.

Check back in a few days, I'll let you know how it went!

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