Sunday, February 9, 2014

Buddy Drawings

Recently I've been doing drawings of people as animals, it started with this one:

joey as hawk tommy as mouse

That was by Joey's special request, he's the hawk, obviously.  I decided to work on one of with me and Chrissy in it... (work in progress):

Chrissy and me and our other raccoon friends

Someday I'll get a bigger scanner.  Anyway, in honor of the theme, I'm digging up the other various buddy drawings Chrissy and I have done.  Its a fun sort of wish fulfillment for us, whether we depict ourselves hanging out with celebrites or being particle physicists or whatever.

Here's Chrissy's Gangnam Style pic she did I think last year:

buddy drawing meme

Here's my Mad Scientists from 2010:

buddy drawing meme

Here's mine from when I was daydreaming about boating around the world:

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